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I was born on 31 March 1974 in Reading, Berkshire, UK. My mother was Cherrie Bramwell, a palaeontologist working at the University of Reading specializing in the study of the flight mechanics of Pteranodon (a kind of pterosaur, often confused with pterodactyls). My father was Bob Speer, a physics lecturer and researcher into spectroscopy, who worked at Imperial College London.

We moved to Maidenhead (also in Berkshire) when I was a toddler and my parents separated soon after. I grew up with my mother in Maidenhead in an old bungalow (called, appropriately enough, The Bungalow) with a big garden and visited my dad at weekends. My best childhood friends with Keith Kildare and Robert Harding. I went to Lowbrook Primary School and then Desborough comprehensive. Happy days.

I studied for a year at The Henley College, a sixth form college, in Henley-on-Thames over the border in Oxfordshire, and then at Windsor & Maidenhead College (another sixth form college, now called East Berkshire College) but I wasn't mature or interested enough to pursue an education and left after a year. I got a job at Waitrose (an upmarket UK supermarket chain) in Maidenhead and stayed there for about four years.

Having developed a fascination for the countryside and ancient mysteries of Wiltshire (Stonehenge, Avebury, white horses, crop circles etc) and itching to move away from my home town I transferred to the Waitrose in Marlborough, Wilts, and lived in Chippenham, about twenty miles to the west. Every day I used to drive along the A4 past Silbury Hill and the Cherhill white horse.

A couple of years or so later, in 1997, wanting a complete change of scene (ah! fickle youth) I moved to Exeter, Devon, and lived with my mother for a while who had moved there a few years previously. I have lived there ever since. For the next twelve years I continued to work in various supermarkets. Getting fed up with retail I decided to move into more admin/office-based work and did various stints as a temporary contractor for BT, South West Water and The Insolvency Service.

I am single and have no children (never appealed to me). I am currently temping in an admin support role.

Hobbies: I am a total computer geek. I love the Web and enjoy programming, especially interactive fiction. I am an unashamed retrogamer. When I'm not glued to my keyboard I like reading (especially science fiction and fantasy), writing my diary, and to avoid being a total blob i go cycling and swimming.

Leo - 6 November 2016